Who Am I

Hello and welcome to the About Me section of the website. My name is Alan Nelson and I run oregonauthors.org – your go-to place for everything related to gambling. Allow me to tell you a little more about myself and why I started this website in the first place.

I have always been very interested in probabilities and I read many books on the topic when I was a teenager. I even considered studying Math Science, but life had other plans for me. I ended up in the online marketing field, where I still am today – but my passion for odds and numbers is still there.

A few years ago many of my friends started getting hooked on online gambling. Listening to their conversations got me thinking about the mathematical side of it all – the odds and probabilities of hitting a winning number or nailing a jackpot. That was enough to spark my interest, and I soon found myself playing at a whole bunch of online casinos. As you can probably tell, my favourite game is gambling, and I have deeply researched many strategies and ways of playing it. You can find my reviews on those strategies on the site. And I put a lot of effort into finding the current best online casino in the UK and, of course, sharing it with all of you.

Do You Have a Question for Me?

I am ready and willing to help you with whatever I can. If you can’t find what interests you on the site, or you have questions regarding the content or gambling in general, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am almost always online in Facebook – just send me a friend request.

Additionally, you can check out my Google+ and Twitter accounts. I am not so active there, but I am trying to post regularly. You can also contact me there, if you prefer.

I hope you enjoy my website and find something useful in it. I will keep on updating it with content, so check back often. May the odds be in your favour!